Meet the Steinettes

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Our first postcard while singing in Sheridan Square...anyone remember what we used to pass the hat?

Still have the Pumpkin!

After singing in the streets around Greenwich Village and Soho, Robert Altman discovered us and asked us to co-write the music with Alan Nicholls and perform in his movie "Heath" starring Carol Burnett, Lauren Bacall (we called her Betty), Glenda Jackson, James Garner, Paul Dooley and Dick Cavett.

Check out the mushroom on the left!

Ok's a rare classic clip from Meatloaf's movie Deadringer with Cher. 10 points if you can find me! Ok....hint.... I'm with the Steinettes and we're Prom Queens.

We were so privileged to meet Calvin Trillin, one of the great American humorists of our time. It was always such a thrill to go to his house and celebrate with his friends and family at their annual Halloween party. We would sing and schmooze and sample Alice's scrumptious delights and laugh for hours. Later, we'd head over to the Parade in the Village and see all sorts of great get ups like a group of friends all walking together each with a different aspect of a Chinese take-out dinner along with a guy dressed up as a fortune cookie and another one as chop sticks! Amazing Times! Here's an article Calvin wrote about us for the New Yorker Magazine.

Then Bob asked us to be in Popeye, starring Robin Williams and Shelley DuVall - 5 months on the island of Malta.

Here's a clip from the movie.

One of the most exciting parts of working on Popeye was all the amazing performers I got to work with. Here's one of my proudest moments waiting to shoot a scene with Hove Burgess and the Pickle Family Circus.